Quatre quart au Shiromiso

Today I bake Quatre quart au Shiromiso, which I bought at the exhibition of Kyoto food and products. I cut down on butter by 30% and substitute sour cream for it to make the batter lighter and softer. And I also cut down on sugar as Shiromiso is relatively sweet. As soon as it's just baked and I open an oven door, I smell sweet like cheesecake and get very excited as I'm sure that it succeed smoothly. Same as the smell, it taste like cheesecake without sourness. I will surely keep this recipe on my iPad.


Shiromiso made in Kyoto

Yesterday I went to Yokohama to an exhibition of Kyoto food and traditional products held in Takashimaya. Last year I bought some awesome food made in Kyoto and Nara, and then came to love them as soon as I had a bite of them. I have impatiently waited for this exhibition for a whole year. 

My favorite is "Shiromiso" produced by Kantoya. There are mainly 3 kinds of miso in Japan; "Shiromiso"(white), "Akamiso"(red) and "Awasemiso"(mixed) and in Kyoto Shiromiso has been preferred. It makes Shiromiso sweeter and lighter than another kinds of miso that it is fermented for a shorter time with half the salt of them. 

In the region I was born and lives Shiromiso is not popular and it is not easy to get good quality Shiromiso. So this exhibition is one of a few opportunity to get the one. Honestly saying, I didn't like Shiromiso once, but this Shiromiso by Kantoya changed my mind and captured me intensely. 

Yesterday I got 3 packs of miso and 2 in my freezer now. It is no exaggeration to say that they are my treasure. I will use them carefully and enjoy each bite of them.