Wagashi, Japanese confectionery in autumn

As you know, Wagashi, Japanese confectionery reflects the change of four seasons and its beauty with the delicate sensibilities. This sensibilities are inseparable from Japanese culture and you can find them on its many areas; Tanka poem, the literature of the Heian period of Japan, the traditional colors of Japan, Haiku, Ukiyoe and so on. 

And it has also made the Japanese food culture develop and prosper richly. The most remarkable example is Wagashi. 

Kaki, a persimmon is one of representative fruits of autumn in Japan. Many Haiku poets composed a poet about it and it appears in many old folktales. We feel nostalgic whenever we look at it. It has something to make us relieved. Look at the picture above. This is Jounamagashi, a fresh type of Wagashi. It expresses directly by a form, but it isn't just a copy, it symbolizes our sense of beauty.

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