An exotic lunch at my baking class

I had a yeallow Tajine by Emile Henry, but it was broken last week while cooked Moroccan chicken with preserved Lemons and olives. I rushed to remove all of the dish to a silicon pot available in a microwave oven as I found a little soup sheeping out the crack.

The dish was for the lunch at my baking class. I like Maghrebian and Middle Eastern food very much, but it was the first time to serve it as the lunch at my class. Some of students had never experienced it before, but looked they loved it very much.

This is Hummus, mushed chickpea with garlic, cumin, sesame paste, lemon juice and olive oil. I love Hummus so much that whenever I visited Paris, I eat Falafel and Hummus at a Jewish restaurant in Le Marais.

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