How to cook Tsubu-an

 Last weekend was my day off and baked Taiyaki, Japanese fish-shaped cake filled with sweetened red bean paste with my daighter, as she had her left little toe's bone broken and could go nowhere.

This is an iron plate for Taiyaki attached to Vitantonio Belgian Waffler. I bought it machine with 5 kinds of iron plate and  now am looking forward to using them one by one.

This is Yude-Azuki, boiled red bean with sugar and sugar syrop. It is difined as Tsubu-an because it was not strained and remains a chunky texture with whole beans. On the contrary, Koshi-an is a smooth strained paste. Generally it is said that Tsubu-an is rustic and Koshi-an is elegant with soft and pleasant touch on the tongue. Tsubu-an is very easy to cook, but Koshi-an is so difficult that it belongs to the professional territory. So I sometimes cook Tshubu-an, but as for Koshi-an only buy it at a Japanese confectionery.





How to cook Tsubu-an

200 red beans
250 sugar
5g salt
  • Wash the beans and soak it in 1500ml cold water for 24 hours.
  • Bring them to a boil for 20 minutes and drain the beans.
  • Put them and 1000ml cold water into the pot again. Then boil them at high heat until the skin of some beans is burst .
  • Turn down the heat and boil them for about 1 hour to burst the skin of all beans.
  • Taste several beans to check that they are cooked well to the core.
  • Pour cold water into the pot from a tap gently and little by little to make the water entirely clear.
  • Drain and put them into the pot to coat with sugar and salt.
  • Cook them at megium heat stiring constantly with a wooden spatula not to burn them until the moisture comes to be lost. Please only stir them, not knead them.

They are just finished.
The cake hot from the machine is best! They made my family smile sweetly.

I will introduce how to cook Koshi-an soon.

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