Bento with spring vegetable

Here is the today's bento consisting of Onigiri, simmered bamboo shoot(takenoko) and deep‐fried tofu(aburaage) with soy sauce and sugar, sweet cherry tomato, 2 chicks made of sausages, Sesame seeds, carrots and quail's egg.

Onigiri is a rice ball. Today I formed it into triangular and wrapped in laver.

Bamboo shoot is an ingredient symbolizing spring and actually the fresh one is gettable only in spring. We cook it in various ways, but "Takenoko gohan" is most popular. It is a kind of mixed rice, "Takikomi gohan" that various ingredients and rice are cooked together in the rice cooker. This bamboo shoot was dug by my mother yesterday and she preparatory boiled it with rice bran to remove harshness.

I put 2 chicks  in the box with the intention of letting them symbolize spring.

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