Grilled Beef Bento

This bento box is my favorite one, because a reusable cold pack dedicated to it is attached. It is very good to prevent bento from going bad in summer. Some schools and kindergartens have a heat-retaining machine in each classroom and a few electric appliance manufacturers release several types of thermal bento box, but it is difficult to keep it cool at school and office. So such a cold pack is very useful.

Today's bento menu :

Korean beef bowl consisting rice topped with grilled beef seasoned with soy sauce, sugar, grated garlic and sesame oil.

Kimchi, a traditional fermented napa cabbage seasoned with chili pepper.

Boiled Komatsuna, a type of leaf vegetable known as Japanese Mustard Spinach.

Tamagoyaki, a kind of Sweet Omelette that is one of the traditional dishes for bento. It is difficult to cook for beginners.

I will introduce how to cook Tamagoyaki with pics on the next post. Don't miss it!

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