Snail-shaped sausage and pig's faced chopped steak in Bento

Today my daughter took the bento to school, that consists of pig's face-shaped salisbury steak(chopped steak), snail-shaped sausages, Tamagoyaki(Japanese sweet omelette) and 3 small rice balls.

We call salisbury steak "Hanbāgu steak in Japan. It is a popular homely dish and a standard one on the list of family restaurant chains. It usually consists of mincemeat, sautéed onions, egg, bread crumb and a pinch of nutmeg powder.

How to make a snail-shaped sausage

Cut one side of sausage in 1 cm off and the longer one in half lengthwise. Then cut the one at 2mm halved between two chopsticks to prevent from cuting all the way through. Wind it onto the piece in 1cm and fix it on the uncut longer piece with fried pasta. Finally grill it on pan.

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