Sunflower shaped sausage in Bento

Today my daughter went to hiking in Hiroyama mountain, Zushi city on a school excursion, where is a 40-minute walk from her school. So I made a bento for her.

It is consisting of...
2 rice balls with Mentaiko, marinated roe of pollock in hot pepper
Tamagoyaki, Japanese rolled omelette
Grilled beaf with soysauce and garlic
Cherry tomatoes
Sunflower-shaped sausages.

It is neccessary to make a cut into sausage being halved between two chopsticks to prevent from cuting all the way through. Then make it round and fix the both ends of it with fried pasta. Finally grill it on pan and boiled quail's egg cut in half into the center.

Some Japanese corporations dealing in hams and sausages offer the recipes to make animals and other items with a sausage on web. Please check them if you like.

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