Aspic of Chinese softshell turtle

We call Chinese softshell turtle "Suppon スッポン" in Japanese and it is known as a luxury food. This is an aspic of the soup made from the meat, skin and innards of the turtle.

The aspic of the turtle soup in Japan looks clear and whitish and has an elegant taste however Guilinggao in China is black that is originated from mesona and tastes bitter and medicinal.

This is one of the representative food letting us feel cool in hot summer in Japan.

2 commentaires:

  1. Yes, very elegant look!
    Hmm, I have never thought that aspic is good on summer - we have a traditional aspic made from meat soup, and we eat it around New Year. But you are rights, aspic is rather cold, so better on summer. Hmm.. maybe I should do it now to make the warm weather bearable? :)

  2. The traditional aspic in Japan is set with Kanten, a kind of vegetable gelatin, not animal one. So it doesn't melt in a warm place and is suitable for summer.