At a Kaiten Sushi restaurant

Whenever my foreign friends come to Japan, they are ready to go to Conveyor belt sushi restaurant. Last weekend I took my German friend to the restaurant, who has lived in Japan for 2 months.

Conveyor belt sushi is called "Kaiten Sushi" in Japan. It is known as "Sushi Train" in Austrian and you can enjoy it even in Paris and London.

In the restaurant there are rotating conveyor belts on which plates with sushi are placed move along every table and counter seat. Customers can pick as many sushi as they want. And they can order a sushi chef what they want directly or through a speaker phone.

Plates with different colours have different prices. But some restaurants have a fix price of 100 yen for all plates.

If you feel hesitant about eating raw sea food, you can find sushi topped with deep fried shrimp or grilled beef at a conveyor belt sushi restaurant, though they are never served at a genuine style sushi restaurant.

3 commentaires:

  1. Yepp, here it is called running sushi. I was once in such restaurant, which is quite famous in Budapest. They had a fix price and you cant eat as much as you want. But the "things" on the conveyor was not fresh :((( It was dry, the fruit was rotten. And it was absolutely not cheap!
    That's why I prefer real sushi restaurants :) But I guess in Japan maybe they do fresh sushi and don't let it circulate for hours.

  2. Running Sushi! How funny! And I am very surprised to know that such a type of Sushi restaurant is in Budapest.
    In Japan, conveyor belt sushi restaurants control thoroughly the quality of sushi and sushi no one pick within a specified period of time are scrapped. When guests enter the restaurant, the staff input the time of enterance, the number of guests, their sex and age and the device calculates how many sushi are needed. So only the minimum waste is produced.

  3. Wow... Japanese people are so clever and accurate! I love this!!!